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Above: The original store opened by Michael and Rose Pronio as seen in 1921 at Spring Creek.  

Below: Pronio's second location at the corner of Caracas and Valley... Just steps from our current store.

Right: Our current location on Caracas Ave, the home of Pronio's since 1962.

About Pronio's Market

Started in 1919, Pronio's has been a family owned, family run staple in Hershey.   For nearly 10o years we've been providing quality groceries at fair prices, cut to order fresh meat and service you can't find anywhere else.  

We started our humble beginnings as a parlor market- a one room store within Michele and Rose's home in Spring Creek (Now the present location of Hershey's Chocolate World).  That tiny room sold everything from beans, to brasseries, leather shoes to shoe peg corn, and everything in between. Crates and crates and crates of grapes would arrive each week for the locals to take home and make their own homemade wine.  Michele and Rose's passion for food and serving the community was the driving force behind their rapidly growing business.  They soon grew out of that small home and moved to the corner of Valley and Caracas in downtown Hershey.  There, they dedicated the whole 1st floor of their home for their business and lived upstairs.  They then focused on providing quality groceries and emphasized personal service- bagging their customers' groceries and walking them to their car or home, special orders, and fulfilling any request under the sun.  

In 1962, Vince, Michele's son moved the store once again, as the Hershey community continued to show their support and Pronio's grew out of their 2nd location.  A larger store was built across the street, and parking was put in as well to accommodate the growing number of customers that drove in from out of town.  Vince added a fresh meat department with the main focus being quality and personal attention.  Items that weren't regularly carried were ordered in specially, items were cut to personal preference and no order was too large or too small.  Father Michele, and his son Vince worked hand in hand serving the Hershey Community.  

In the 1980's Vince's son Michael joined the store after attending business school. Since then, the town of Hershey has gone through an array of changes, as well as seen many familiar mom and pop stores unfortunately close.  Being the last independent, family owned and operated market in town, Michael has guided Pronio's through the past 30+ years with poise- staying true to previous generations' focus of service and quality foods, while keeping up with times.  

We pride ourselves on our selection of fresh produce, top notch deli stocked with many homemade items, and selection of imported specialty products along with everyday groceries. Our Meat Department is well known for its own variety of homemade items including our own stromboli, meatballs, and of course sausage. In fact, people come from all over the east coast making annual trips to Hershey for the sole point of stocking up on their year supply of Pronio's sausage.


On Sundays Pronio's turns into a gathering point for longtime local customers to meet and catch up on the week's events. While walking through you'll wonder if you've stepped back in time to when things were easy going and simple.

Finally, our knowledgeable staff will go to any means necessary to help you find what you're looking for and once you've finished shopping, bag your items and take them to your car. Service was a top priority when Pronio's was established and continues to be today.


Sunday 8:30-2
Monday 8-6
Tuesday 8-6
Wednesday 8-6
Thursday 8-8
Friday 8-8
Saturday 8-6
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