Curbside Pickup

At long last, Pronio's Curbside Pickup is now available on a limited basis. This service is a result of our desire to keep our high-risk neighbors and customers well-fed and healthy. If you do not fall into the high-risk category as defined by the CDC, please refrain from submitting a pickup order.

NOW- as with everything these days, we have some rules and procedures to follow or else things will get pretty hairy.  Thus we have created a simple order form as well as The 12 Curbside Commandments. If you do place an order, please read these Commandments thoroughly in order to minimize potential problems.


1. We only have capacity to serve the customers most in-need with curbside; please utilize sparingly

2. You must use this form for ordering- we cannot take phone orders. Please do not call the store

3. This is a new (pilot) offering in a difficult time; please be patient and flexible

4. There will be a surcharge of $5/order

5. Please remember to put an appropriate amount for each item and be as specific as possible (weight, quantity, whole chicken breast vs split chicken breast, etc)

6. If we cannot easily understand or define an item on your order, it will be left out

7. Orders must be submitted between 12pm ET Friday and 5pm ET Monday; no exceptions

8. Pickup is Thursday evening; we will notify you Wednesday of the time frame of your scheduled pickup

9. In the event we cannot fill your order due to high demand, we will inform you via email

10. Please limit your order to a MAXIMUM OF 30 ITEMS

11. If your order is unclaimed you will be blocked from future pickup orders

12. There will be NO: returns, refunds, exchanges, or order changes

Most importantly, this form MUST be used- no pickup orders will be taken via phone! Placing orders can begin starting on Friday at noon and up until 5pm on Monday for orders prepared for that week.

We've also set up a special email to handle all your Pronio's Curbside Pickup questions:  Contact us here for anything concerning pickup.

Pronio's Curbside Pickup Form  **

** Note: this link works only when ordering is available, Fri-Mon



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