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Pronio's Grocery Department is not your average...  You can find everything you need, and without being inundated with too many options or strolling down an entire isle trying to decide between a multitude of products.  In fact, our isles are just the perfect size.  Not to large, not too small, so there's no getting lost.  

In addition to our wide, yet concise selection, if we happen to not carry what you're looking for, we'll do our best to bring it in for you.  Being a small business, we're nimble enough to do that without going through miles of red tape.

Finally, our floor staff will politely assist you in any way possible.  We're here to provide you with satisfactory service and products you trust with your family.  

Sunday 8:30-2
Monday 8-6
Tuesday 8-6
Wednesday 8-6
Thursday 8-8
Friday 8-8
Saturday 8-6
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