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Italian Specialties


Oils & Vinegars

It's amazing what delicious things you can do with an olive and a grape. 



When it comes to pasta, it's a pretty simple collaboration of ingredients- but therein, lies the beauty.  What worlds of wonder can be produced with just some durum wheat semolina and water.  


When it comes to Italian food, there's a world of appetizers that seems like it never ends.  Choose almost any vegetable or meat, and you've got millions of options.  We've selected some of the best out there to provide you with the tastiest items to offer your guests or just snack on yourself!


Dolci (or Sweets in Italian) come in many forms- cakes, cookies, pastries, hard candy and of course, gelato.  Welcome to wide world of delicious delicacies.

Sunday 8:30-2
Monday 8-6
Tuesday 8-6
Wednesday 8-6
Thursday 8-8
Friday 8-8
Saturday 8-6
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